The Races of the Civilized Lands

Priori has literally existed for as long as time itself, in that time the land has seen countless aspects of creation, as so have those that call Priori home. Many different peoples of innumerable races dwell in the infinite possibilities that manifest on Priori.

p=. For the through and through blood flows thicker than water.


Servants to the Dragon Masters, awaken from long slumber these creatures serve as ambassadors and scouts to the main land. The Draca are created in the likeness of their creators, modified to make interaction with the varied lesser races easier.


Created by long forgotten and forsaken gods the Dwarves have endured stronger than any other race, their histories recording into time ephemeral. Today the claim the Northern reaches, the Dwarvenholm, as their own.


Elves are the stewards of the forest of Midon (mee-don) masters of magic and a people who enjoy the finer things life. Or so they would have you think. After The Planar Shift the greatest of tragedies befell the Elves; Mortality.


Standing shorter than most other races the Fean can be found across Priori. Possessing a unique to connection the Stars of the Divine Court, are filled with a wonder lust of the world that created them.


Humans have dominated the history of Priori for countless generations. They rose to power initially after the Convocation. In that time the Dwarves and Elves retreated to their newly formed homelands, the Dragons left to the far south, Fean were too few to play a strong role, and the mixed bloods had not yet come to be. In that time, unmolested by the other races, Humans carved up the land and formed their own Nations and Kingdoms. For this reason a human will typically refer to herself as a member of her nationality rather than as a human. Humans also tend to use the word “Humanity” to refer to all sentient humanoids rather than just themselves. The Various Human Nations have all developed their own cultures and values as the Countries borders have not changed much in the last 500 years. This has led to most Humans having an easier time relating to a non-human that she would if she were simply talking to a citizen of another county. In is essential to speak of humans in terms of their homelands:

  • Baron’s Hold: The Baron’s Hold is a small Country nestled between the borders of the Riddermark and Britannia.
  • Britannia: Britannia is easily the most powerful of the Human Nations. She lies in the center of the Continent and is supplied by the “Great Misty River”. The People of Britannia have a steep adventuring tradition as well as a rooted value in Citizenry.
  • Riddermark: The people are commonly referred to the riddersmen. The Riddermark is the bread basket of the civilized lands, bringing in three crops of Fire Wheat a year. As such they tend to have above average quality goods for those who would work the land for a living
  • Savage Lands
  • Sao Empire
  • Nutronia
  • Zeb



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